Monday, September 29, 2008

Moving Day for Sister-In-Law

Sunday we had to say goodbye to my sister-in-law who is moving back to Nevada. She’s been here in Michigan for the last 3 or 4 years, but she misses her kids. They came back to help her pack up and move her back across country. Because her things are going into storage for a while she had to part with a lot of her personal things. It was very sad and I hope I never have to do it. I know the stuff is just material, but to have to make a choice about each thing and decide if it really has a space…that’s hard. And when you think that you paid good money for something adds more pressure to just getting rid of it. Very emotional day and very emotional weekend for my MM, he picked up her kids from the airport on Friday and had been busy with them all weekend. I’m sure we’ll still see her since she will be living in a destination location, but it was very sad to see her go.

Have you ever had to downsize everything and move? I hope I never have to do it since I’ve lived in one place for almost 30 years. It has kind of opened my eyes to what I need to do on a regular basis so I never have to do it all at once. I do go through and clean out closets every few years, but I still have a lot of ‘stuff’.


B Boys Mom said...

Me too! I have my stuff and my mom's stuff still. Like you said I work on it every year but every year I seem to buy more.

Michelle said...

Wow, this does sound like a emotional day. In April we had to say good buy to my hubby's best friend,who is also my little one's god father. They moved to Colorado and it was hard to watch them move.

Becki said...

Very emotional indeed. Hope they've had a safe trip out west!