Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wow!! I can't believe how quickly things geared up to high speed. At work things were crazy busy (guess that's why they wanted me back by September 1st) and now the weekends are filling up fast. Last weekend MM wanted to get away so we went to our local 'home park'. It rained all weekend! Well, maybe not all weekend, but you know what I mean. Friday we were able to hook up the tow in sunny weather, but when we got to the park it started to pour. I got soaked. After dinner it stopped and we went for a walk and had a small campfire. That was it for the dry weather. My sister and her husband came out for the day on Saturday. Unfortunately, we had to stay inside most of the time. We played a lot of yahtzee and euchre which is my kind of fun. Then after dinner we ventured out for a walk that ended in the rain. We were prepared with rain gear and umbrellas, but it came down pretty hard and we still got wet. We had a great time though.

We headed home early on Sunday which was a good idea. It was pretty dry for the packing up and drive home and the unhooking. The rain actually held off til MM had the rig washed and put away. Then the skies opened up again. What a WET weekend. At least we didn't have any flooding - okay we won't talk about the leak in the roof. Nothing that MM can't handle lol.

This week is just flying by and I'm wondering where the heck it went. Guess if you're living then life happens. Got lots of plans this weekend. Go go go...


Michelle said...

That's great that you guys can just pick up for a quick get away. Sounds fun to me even though it did rain like crazy last weekend.

B Boys Mom said...

The rain really came down. Good thing you have a big garage to put the RV in.