Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Redwood Forest CA

There are no words or phrases that can describe these majestic forests. We kept walking and saying "WOW". Even sitting among them was just awe inspiring. So, I'll just put up a few pictures that can show a bit of the size. These forests are 20 million years old. They reach 350 feet in height and an average tree lives 2000 years. The forests that we explored were the Coastal Redwoods.

This first picture is not a tree, but a rock. It is described as the creator instructing the spirits to choose what you want to be. Oregos spirit wanted to help people. She chose to be the tall rock on the north bank of the Klamath River. It is said to resemble an old woman carrying a burden basket.

Just to get a scope of the size, here we are standing in between two trees that are growing together.

We saw lots of trees that had growths on them. This one looked to me like a raccoon or bear growing out of the side of the tree.

This next one just defies logic. The tree has obviously been growing like this for many years. In case you can't see all of the detail, there is a downed tree and another tree growing over it with the roots going around the downed tree. Again, can you say "WOW".

This next one just shows the majesty of nature. Wonder if this pic will blow up okay? We'll see.

Disguised to Protect is this coastal "The Farmhouse that is not a Farmhouse". Most of the guys will know what this is. Back in WWII our military built this farmhouse full of radar detection and bunkers full of secrets.

How would you like to drive under a downed tree? The tree is just hanging out.

While driving to the Fern Canyon we came to a sign that said "Stream Crossing Ahead". Yeah, right. Well there were three of them and we just have a little toad. All worked out okay though.

Do you recognize this picture of Fern Canyon? Parts of Jurasic Park were filmed here. We felt like we were in some prehistoric land.

The only touristy thing we did this day was the drive thru tree. Even vans were driving thru. Amazing huh?

There were several elk viewing areas. When we got to the Fern Canyon parking area we saw one right away and it was close. I was a little concerned because there are warnings everywhere. I had to laugh though when I was watching and shooting this one so much....turned around and there were three at my back. Fortunately, they were very docile and busy eating.

We explored for a full day and saw images that we will never forget. The Redwood National Forest follows the coast several miles south. We only had time for this small sampling, but I feel we saw some of the best. I've always wanted to see this and am so glad that we found the time this trip.


B Boys Mom said...

This is one place I have always wanted to go. When I was 14 I was on vacation with my parents and we were going there, but it was closed because of a chance of fire.

B Boys Mom said...

Oh I forget to say once again you pictures are awesome. Very beautiful!

siteseer said...

When we talked with one man at a camp site that worked for the Natl forest he was telling us to go down by San Francisco blah blah blah. We just did the northern part up by Eureka and we still saw plenty of big trees.

Harmony said...

Very cool! You guys look so tiny in those trees growing together!