Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recharging our batteries

It's Tuesday the 26th, I think. We're set up at the Rifle River for the rest of the week to just relax.

Oh yeah, I'm loving this.

We just sit and enjoy the tranquility in the morning and in the evening watch the canoers come in. In the middle we hike around a little and float on the lazy pond. Oh, and we've done a bit of reading too. Got you all drooling now? The end is near, gotta get it while we can.


B Boys Mom said...

When is the rest of the gang getting there? What a great camp site you have.

Anonymous said...

Judi, looks like a very peaceful and relaxing spot, a nice place to enjoy the end of your wonderful vacation. Looking forward to your return, but will miss all the great places that you have so kindly shared with us.

Bayley said...

Glad to have you (sort of) home! I wish I could be there with everyone this weekend, but work calls. Take care of my girls for me and make sure Maggie give you that big old smooch that she's been talking about for the couple of months!

Harmony said...

It was very relaxing :)