Monday, August 18, 2008

Badland SD 8/15/08 (maybe)

Don't know why they call this the Badlands, but it has the most spectacular views I have ever seen. Pictures cannot do it justice, you all have to just come and see for yourselves. Robin, you just stay in the car, there are Rattle Snake warnings! We started this day with a beautiful sunrise.

And I'll just post pictures, words mean nothing.

There was this one lone mountain goat looking at all the beauty.

Driving around the other side of the scenic loop we found a herd of mountain goats. Don't you just love their little white "bums"?

We hiked around some looking for the snakes, but we didn't find any. I could have just sat and stared at this area all day, but it is very desert like and hot. BEAUTIFUL!!


whoever said...

Wow! I read a lot today... did some "catch-up" on your trip. Still the most wonderful pictures! So glad you got to see Uncle Jim and Aunt Karen and Nancy and kids! Perfect!

And Aunt Fran too! And Claire... you have been real AMbaSSadoRs for the clan!

Safe driving some more!

Harmony said...

Those are some really gorgeous pictures!! Sounds like somewhere I may need to talk Andy into going ;)

B Boys Mom said...

Very different from where you have been. It is very beautiful! I love the layer's of color.

Lucy said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love to follow your travelling! I do have a question. I know it is a difficult one, but which part of the US you like most? (nature)

siteseer said...

b boys mom, I'm glad you can see the color layers. The pictures do not do it justice. It is awesome.

Lucy, That is a hard question. I really enjoyed hiking in the IL state parks. The other things that really pop to me was the hiking at Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau AK and the colors and just awesome beauty of the Badlands. The Kenai Fjords tour was also something you just don't see everyday.