Monday, August 11, 2008

Idaho is a Beautiful State

Didn't get going too early this morning so we're still in Idaho. It is such a different landscape than we are used to, but beautiful just the same.

That is Snake River in the foreground of the above picture.

Very desert like in this area. You can tell when you get near the Snake River because all of a sudden there is a lot of irrigation going on and everything is green.

We had an experience this afternoon that Angie will relate to. We pulled into a Flying J, and everyone knows that the trucks pull into the back. Well, this was a small city station and everyone pulled into the front. Remember how we can't back up with the toad? Well, I had to go up and not let any trucks pull into the first available pump so we could pull through and go around the block and pull in the right way. Talk about frustrating! Not something I want to do again soon, if ever.

How about this pic of MM with his new friend from the campground last night in Fruitland ID.

She looks like Felix doesn't she? Just as friendly that's for sure.

We've covered over 350 miles each of the last two days and tomorrow we're going to check out the Grand Tetons. I think it was Amy that said her in laws really liked it. I'm looking forward to a slow day, not like we didn't just have 4 slow days in a row.


Michelle said...

I agree. Very beautiful state.

Anonymous said...

The size of Felix, the color of Maxwell. Though Maxwell doesn't have the white paws. Very cute and obviously friendly to sit on a strangers lap!

B Boys Mom said...

When do you think you will be home? Love your pictures as always.

Harmony said...

Aww....Dad made a friend :) No comparison to the friendliness of Audrey? hahaha...

Idaho is beautiful! I don't remember it.

siteseer said...

b boys mom, I'll be back to work on the 2nd. Hope to get home a day or two early, but who knows.