Monday, August 4, 2008

Pizza Quiz

Just had to take this Pizza Quiz I got from B Boys Mom.

Veggie Pizza

Upscale and trendy.

You're the most likely to go for a gourmet pizza.

You have impeccable taste in everything.

You truly enjoy the finer things in life.

Okay, I find this very funny because I'm a pizza junky if anything. I'd eat pizza 3 times a day if I could.


Anonymous said...

Scooter and Crew 8-4-08
Welcome back to the good ol USA!!
Pizza 3 times a day I would like that but couldn't keep up with the Rolaaids and Prilozac. LOL
U r right vacation of a lifetime cant wait to hear firsthand the gory part. U said every thing except the bad parts were there any? Save it we will met for lunch or dinner some time

Scooters Crew

B Boys Mom said...

Your the first veggie pizza I've seen.

siteseer said...

I was surprised by that. I think I responded "load it up". Whatever, I just love pizza and I haven't had any for 3 MONTHS!!!!