Friday, August 1, 2008

Leaving Canada

August 2 ... Don't know where the time has gone. We've been doing a lot of travelling since I last posted. While in the Smithers area we took a day trip over to New Hazelton and Old Town Hazelton. We stopped and watched natives netting and catching salmon. Some of them were over 3 feet. They would just cut off the head and tail and grab the next one. Of course, no one else can do that but natives. It was kind of cool too, to just watch the salmon leap out of the water.

We left that area for Hope the next day and then on the Vancouver area. On Tuesday we did a day trip to Vancouver Island to visit my cousin Jim and his wife Karen. Because Jim had just had open heart surgery their daughter, Nancy, and her two beautiful kids were in town too. Bonus for us, we got to visit all. Nice day on the island.

We left Canada on Wednesday the 30th. Oh yeah, Thanks everyone for my Birthday Wishes. What a nice surprise when I finally got a hook up. Birthday was nice, but just not the same without the whole family around. Anyway, we left Canada and travelled halfway through Washington. Washington is starting to look more like home. More lush green and our kinds of trees and stuff like that. Then yesterday we got into the Portland OR area. This too is beautiful, lots of green and trees and mountains. Back on the highways and rush hour traffic.

We're looking at getting a look at the Redwood Forest in CA before slowly meandering back across the country. We've discovered that about 200 to 250 miles a day is just about right. Then we can stop and check out the area and enjoy this vacation of a lifetime.


Harmony said...

Hope you got to see the redwoods - we weren't able to fit it in when we were in San Francisco a few weeks back.

siteseer said...

We're in CA now. There are a lot of massive redwoods already. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

B Boys Mom said...

Is this the area where you went to the family reunion?

siteseer said...

Yes, Victoria is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.