Monday, August 18, 2008

Grand Tetons Jackson WY

Camped in the Grand Teton Natl Park and went back into Teton Village. This is basically a skiing town and in the summer you can take the gondola or chair lift up the mt. We did the gondola first and went up to 10,000 ft. The view was spectacular from there. The whole area was beautiful. The chair ride was next. It only went up about 400 feet from the bottom. We found it interesting that on the way down on the chair lift there were a lot of bikes coming up. Instead of riding up and down the mountain trails, they would ride up on the lift eliminating the hard part, then take the trails down.

We went into Jackson for the evening and had dinner and walked around a lot. There is a gunfight every night at 6:00. We missed it. I really liked the archways made out of antlers. They were on all four corners of the town square. The boyscouts collected all of the antlers from the Elk Refuge in 1960 and donated them to the town. Can you believe there are that many antlers? About 7500 elk spend their winters on the refuge and shed their antlers in the spring. The Boy Scouts continue collecting them and they are auctioned off every spring.

There were also lots of herds of bison in the national park. They were crossing the road and rolling in the dust and sometimes just generally playing around.

Took a ton of mountain shots. A few of my favorite.


Harmony said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures as usual :)

B Boys Mom said...

Bison are huge! The last two shots look like posters are cards, just perfect.