Friday, November 7, 2008

Digital TV is Coming!!

In case you haven't heard, full-power analog TV broadcasting in the United States will end on February 17, 2009, after which full-power TV broadcasts will be digital only. Television sets with only an analog broadcast tuner will require a converter box to receive full power over-the-air broadcasts with an antenna because of the Nation's transition to digital broadcasting. Such analog TVs should continue to work as before for other purposes (e.g., for watching low-power, Class A or translator TV stations still broadcasting in analog, with cable and satellite TV services, DVD players, watching pre-recorded movies in VCRs, or playing video games).

Is there anyone else out there that is still using a television with an antenna? Sometimes I think we are the last to do everything. Now we are being forced into a change, like it or not. So, I'm on top of it and order my coupons from We got the coupons and they sat around for a while then hubby says "do we still have those coupons?". In our area one of the channels actually switched to digital in early November.

Fortunately, hubby, whose nickname is 'maintenance man', is also good at this kind of stuff. He went out and bought the converter boxes and had them installed immediately. I was so relieved, because this just isn't my bag. I've decided it's because I don't like to read directions.

The only down side that I can see at this time is having two remotes for each television, one for the converter box and one for the TV. Other than that the picture is great (a little smaller) and it has a few more features. We now get 19 channels (we always got around 8 or 9 including Canada which we can't get anymore). One of the added features of the digital box include choosing audio language. You can change languages when the channel provides alternate languages using the audio key. You can also press a (still) button to freeze the image on the TV screen. But some of the features that I like the best (and all you cable watchers are used to) is the Channel Banner showing the station, channel number, and program title. There's also an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) button that when pressed will display a list of programs scheduled for the next few hours. We've been catching up on Leave It To Beaver episodes along with the occasional Wagon Train.

So, if you're in the dark ages with us, don't be afraid. Digital TV is a postitive move (hope there are no surprises waiting for us when the full transition takes place). Order those coupons now and welcome to the 21st century.


Michelle said...

I'm so glad we got our digital TV up and running. I was starting to get worried. Especially since we don't have cable anymore. Thanks for the information.

Unknown said...

If you haven't seen this spoof of the conversion public service announcement, take a look. I laughed, but I could also relate to the poor granny trying to follow the "simple" instructions.

whoever said...

Technology is more my bag... but I am definitely warming up the knitting needles too!

Becki said...

I keep forgetting to tell you - I ordered those coupons!

Tammy said...

I guess we don't have to do this since we have Directv. But it sound like it's better for you.