Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whitehorse to Cassiar Hwy

Wed 7/23 While in Whitehorse we did housekeeping stuff ie laundry and groceries. We also checked out Miles Canyon that was just a short distance from our campground.

While waiting for MM to come out of the bank I was entertained by this street performer

He was playing his guitar like there was no tomorrow. Heavy rock stuff. Wild, what’s on the streets in large cities.

Thurs 7/24 today we left Whitehorse and did a lot of travelling. We saw one black bear on the Alaskan Hwy and then when we got on the Cassiar Hwy it was animals everywhere. Got a good picture of this Brown Bear.

He was BIG!!
The Cassiar Highway was just beautiful…. I get tired of saying that lol.

But isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?
We saw a couple more Black Bear, one posed, the other two were playing shy today. And how about this shot of a grey fox

Looks like he has dinner in his mouth. Eew
After lots of tiring hours of driving we pulled into Dease River Camp.

It is positively the most serene, beautiful setting. The proprietors are Dennis and Lana and they moved here from Wisconsin. They were cattle farmers and sold the farm to come out here. They have 5 children and their 15th grandchild will arrive in December. The oldest grandchild is only 7! No wonder they left Wisconsin lol. Charming couple with a beautiful park.

This park too, had every variety of camping available. From renting one of their cabins

To tents and then two unique vehicle tents.

to the pickup camper

And of course the fifth wheel.
Unusual to see all of them in such a small campground. Strange, what I find interesting these days lol.

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B Boys Mom said...

You can't stop saying beautiful because everything is so beautiful! I say it at every picture of yours. The gray fox is interesting. He is different looking.