Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fairbanks to Denali

6/30/08 We travelled from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs today. On the way in we picked up a female German hiker going from her camp to the springs. I think as springs go I liked the Liard Hot Springs better. They were natural and this on was man made. It was nice to relax though. On the way out we picked another hiker. This time it as a young man that was heading to Fairbanks so we gave him a ride all the way in. He was from Sacramento and was doing the hiking thing before settling down and getting a job. Sounds like his grandpa is footing the bill for his fun. Nice kid. We left Fairbanks again and headed for Denali. Think we're really going to enjoy lots of hiking around here. For tonight though we just got settled in and did laundry again and caught up with posting on the blog. Looking forward to staying in one spot for 3 days. We've been on a pretty fast pace of late and I'm getting tired. Sorry no pictures again. It was pretty much a travel day. I did see one moose though.


Harmony said...

I thought you'd be going at a more leisurely pace. Enjoy your vacation - you're not even half way done yet!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe your only about 6 hours away.

B Boys Mom said...

We wanted pictures of the hitch hikers so if something happened to you we would know how did it.

siteseer said...

harmony...there is just so much to see. We're staying 3 days here at Denali.
b boys mom...they were just kids lol

siteseer said... are one lucky person to live up here.