Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chicken AK to Fairbanks

Monday 6/30/08
The road from Chicken to Fairbanks AK. Leaving the BLM camp for Chicken we noticed a rapid decline in the conditions of the road if that’s possible. We travelled at a speed of 15 – 20 and it took us about an hour. Chicken is just what we expected. Very tiny, tourist stop that everybody makes. You can’t get any cheesier than Chicken hehe

We remained on the Top of the World Highway to the end and turned back onto the Alaskan Highway towards Delta Junction. Delta Junction is the end of the Alaskan Highway so we stopped there for the ending photo.

We got this shot there too. We knew they had big mosquitoes, but this is ridiculous.

Leaving Delta Junction we headed for Fairbanks. We were stopped for some construction and as we were stopping MM noticed something out of the corner of his eye. There running as fast as we were driving at that time was a MOOSE. We stopped and he came right out in front of us to cross the road.

Actually he was the third one we saw today. The others were in a pair and crossed the road in front of us too. They are big!
We’ve stopped to do some shopping here in Fairbanks and will stay for the night.


Harmony said...

That mosquito made me itch to look at him!

B Boys Mom said...

I think hitting a deer would be better then a moose. They are big!!!! Great pictures. I see you have a sweat shirt on, is it cold?

Michelle said...

What a cute little town. These are always the best places to find those cute hometown stores to shop at.

siteseer said...

b boys mom... this afternoon is only the 2nd time I've put on shorts. Good weather, just not short weather. You know I'm liking it. Renee would like it too.