Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Valdez Alaska

Took the toad into Valdez today. We travelled the Richardson Highway from Glennallen to the end – Valdez. You won’t find prettier scenery. Snowcapped mountains, glaciers, lush green slopes, river, streams and waterfalls. The two waterfall pictures I had to get were Bridal Veil and Horsetail.

This tunnel was hand cut in the solid rock of Keystone Canyon and is all that is left of the railroad era when nine companies fought to take advantage of the short route from the coast to the copper country. However, a feud erupted progress a gun battle was fought and the tunnel was never finished.

We found lots of facts about Valdez that make it a true success story. The whole town was destroyed by fire before it became a state. It rebuilt better and stronger. Then the earthquake of 1964 again totally destroyed the town. A couple of townsmen that owned property just four miles in that was on more solid ground donated the land for everyone to rebuild. The town was moved 4 miles. Then they had the Valdez oil spill that again was a huge setback. And in 1980 they showed their true colors when a ship sank off shore and they help rescue all the people on board. They increased their population by 10% overnight and donated whatever was needed. This year Alaska is celebrating their 50th year of Statehood!

We toured a couple of museums in Valdez and then drove around seeing which houses had probably been moved after the earthquake and which ones were rebuilt. Very pretty town.

On the way back we decided to stop at the Worthington Glacier. It is one of the few that you can walk on.

We were able to walk right into a cravass. We were standing on ice and had ice all around us.

After hiking back down we were resting and a lady asked us if we had a camera. I was thinking huh? You want us to take a picture of you, then what? She said you look so relaxed that I think I should get a picture of you. Hehe

Don’t know how relaxed we look, but we sure were hot after hiking in and out of there.
Another thing we noticed on the way back is the Alaskan sense of humor showing again.

In case you can’t see, it’s a snowmobile on the rooftop with a blood stain. Anyway, we’re glad we made this daytrip to Valdez and glad we took the toad because this is the road with a lot of frost heaves. Not too bad in a car, but yuck in the rv

Mon & Tues 7/21&7/22
Travelled from Glennallen Alaska to Whitehorse Yukon Territory. The roads were horrendous to say the least. Most of the trip was at 20 to 35 mph and even that was rearranging the cupboards. There were about 5 miles of construction where you had to follow a pilot car through to the other end. Very time consuming. We made it through, enough said.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

The falls area beautiful! I am guessing Valdez Alaska must be home of the famous oil spill... :(

siteseer said...

two lines on a stick - yes the oil spill, but I didn't know that they had to fight for statehood. They didn't get it the first time they tried. Bill Egan, from Valdez, was instrumental in getting the statehood.

Harmony said...

Those waterfalls are breathtaking! I can only imagine seeing them in person!

B Boys Mom said...

Great picture of you and MM. You guys look so relaxed. The pictures are so beautiful. Such a pretty place.

Anonymous said...

7-22-08 Scooter and Crew

Just go a chance to catch up on the activities! Valdez, great pix's looks great, hope all is well and going good. That is a BIG place and there is lots to see. WE just got back from FMCA in St Paul HOT HOT HOT HOT!!high 90 most days and humidity to go along with it. took some classes and went thru the vendors, trip down the Ol Missisip in a boat and explorder the area. That about it. O my Mommy took me for lots of walks and we saw lots of entertainment and some great smells some good some bad. daddy didn't spend any money except he bought Mommy some new clothes and some kitchen helpin items cause it was her birthday. She is going to be 142 years old! arf arf arf see ya!

siteseer said...

Scooter & co... 90 degrees!!! too bad we can't divide some of that up. Our temps today were in the 40's. Let's see if we take 20 off yours that makes it 70 and 20 on ours would make it 60's. Sounds good to me, to bad we can't do that. I'm tired of wearing jackets. Not that I want 90's, but come on give me a little here, it's summer!

sunraysnsaturdays said...

Those waterfalls are beautiful!