Sunday, April 13, 2008


Friday's big weekend plan went right out the window with the return of winter. It hailed Friday, rained Saturday and snowed Sunday. Back to the inside activities. Got back to work on my latest quilt and actually finished it. Quilting purists should look no further. I go for doing my best and finishing a project. If I were to strive for perfectionism it would not get done and I don't need that kind of stress.
Here is an overview of the whole quilt and pillow shams

The two pillow shams were not a part of the project in the book, but were in the book in other quilts.

I really like both of them because it has the whole camping thing going on. The little tent has a raccoon poking his head out. Below is a fly fisherman.

Above is a colorful square with geese and below is a tranquil square reminiscent of hiking.

The upper left square is this peaceful log cabin in the snowy woods and the bottom right square finishes up with the colorful Cardinals.

I've got to say this didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. I did do it all on my little Singer circa 1975 so maybe that means it's not a handmade quilt. I did make it using my hands and it is a quilt. lol

I had a few other things I wanted to work on, but as I was using the cutting wheel to cover another pillow I did the biggest of all "no-no's" - I nearly cut off the tip of my finger. So, for now I'm done for the day. Maybe I'll go find an interesting book. Don't want to knit - I'm afraid I'll just have to clean up more bl**d. Just not in the mood. Maybe I'll just go and admire my finished quilt.

By the way, I got the patterns and designs for the quilt from a book by Debbie Field for Granola Girl Designs titled Spirit of the Northwoods. There are a lot of other patterns that I might just have to return to in the future.


B Boys Mom said...

Oh your quilt is so very beautiful. I love all the colors and all the pictures. Your are so creative! It look great on your bed with the nice sham's. Perfect!!!

Harmony said...