Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am so not a journaling person. I look at others doing the blog thing and they are so enjoying it. I guess I really set this site up to keep family and friends informed of our travels and we're not travelling yet.

This weekend we worked more on getting the rv ready for travels and getting the house ready to leave. Got the flower beds weeded and the closet cleaned out in the guest room for the housesitters. Maintenance Man is working on making a screen of sorts to stop the rocks from destroying the tow. It looks like it will work pretty well. We will probably just use it on the Alaskan highways which are notorious for bad roads. Around here the mud flap pretty much does the job.

The front porch project is coming to a conclusion quickly. We got our "rough" inspection approval yesterday and now there are just a few things to finish it off then the "final" inspection. Once the construction guys are done then MM needs to attach some kind of mesh or chicken wire or something to keep critters from nesting under there. I might get around to doing some minimal landscaping or flowers, but the calendar is filling up fast.

This coming weekend I thought we had Saturday open, but just learned about an open house that I will go to for a couple of hours. Then Peanut is going to be "dedicated" on Sunday. Sunday afternoon we're helping our son and his bride pack up their house. We'll probably start loading up the rv with things that we don't use everyday. Lots of little details and lots of time to do them. Just trying to keep everything organized in my mind.

I did take some pictures of peanut on our workday and they are too cute.

I think she's saying "Come on guys take a break and come play with me."

Think that's what I'll miss the most in our travels - lil peanut. :(


Hailey's Mommy said...

I love all the peanut pictures. Keep them coming. She is so very cute. Also, just wanted to let you know that your blog is really looking great. Thanks for all the sweet comments on my blog.

B Boys Mom said...

Your little peanut is just too cute. Everything will come together and I can't wait to read your journal on your trip. Make sure to include lot's of pictures.

Jodi said...

Awww...thanks for your sweet comment today. This must be your "cranially endowed" little sweetie. She's a doll! Your comment made me laugh. Fortunately, my sister's head size is perfectly normal now. :)

Harmony said...

She was so cute in the lil playhouse! She always has fun with Mimi and Papa. :)