Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend Plans

The weekend plans are up in the air. We've been planning on this being the weekend to get the porch on, the old roof off and new roof on. Everything is in place. The landscape has been removed for the porch to be added, the post holes for the footings are dug, the lumber has been delivered, the new shingles are sitting on the roof ridge and the dumpster should be delivered today. It took the building department a full 9 days to approve the plans - that was not part of our plans. Our plan was to have the plans approved the first week we dropped them off, then have the postholes inspected and start rolling on the rest of the project. The deck would have been in and the roof addition would be connected to the footing posts. The best laid plans as they say. And, of course, the last two weekends were gorgeous and they are calling for severe weather this weekend. The weathermen are often incorrect, but how do you ask all your workers to just hang loose and see how things go. These people have lives too. Oh well, guess if we aren't able to do it this weekend then we'll shoot for next weekend. I'm just so frustrated that the planner at the county took his old sweet time. There is like no building going on right now so in my opinion this should have taken no more than 2 days not 9! Are these people put in our paths to help us build character, improve our patience? Whatever. We'll do what we can and hope for the best. The porch will be done before we leave for Alaska.


B Boys Mom said...

Some people just use their power in the wrong way. Everything will work out and be perfect.

Harmony said...

No really, we don't have a life ;) Just teasing. We're ready when you (and the county) are! Saturday, Sunday or next weekend are all fine :)