Monday, April 7, 2008

Babysitting and House Hunting

We had a another great weekend. Saturday was an early start with more yardwork preparing for a new front porch (it will happen, waiting for the building permit). The ground was thawed enough to get the rest of the shrubs out and there were still some bricks to be picked up that were frozen in the previous week. And you wouldn't believe the amount of twigs that we picked up from the front yard. Anyway, that done I worked on the quilt I'm working on a little more before it was time to go babysit for the little peanut. She was adorable as usual. It was so funny, you never know what response you're going to get from an eight month old, she saw me, smiled and started crawling pell mell right over to me lol. Maintenance Man and I took her for a long walk to get a little nap in (she napped for about 35 minutes - not long enough). Then there was lots of play time and fun. Not a lick of trouble.

Sunday was househunting day. Our second child is looking for a new home now that his has sold (YES, a house in Michigan has SOLD!!). We had 4 on the schedule to look at. The first one we walked in and immediately turned around and walked out. Very depressing, the people are loosing the house and have all but given up, dents in the walls, dirty, the whole nine yards. The next one was okay, but I think they already had their hearts set on the final one. The third one was interesting and the buyers didn't even care about the offer - the relocation company was going to give them the appraised value no matter what it sold for. Nice house, but again the 4th and final one was the one we were waiting for. If the forth one doesn't work out they might take another look at house #3.

The forth one we were told was on the market for two years, but the sellers aren't in any hurry. Yea, right. The kids had been through this one before and said that the sellers had removed a lot of furniture and you could tell they were all but moving out. It is definitely the best of the four. The neighborhood is very nice, the landscaping is done, the school district is desirable and the house is move in ready. So back to the office to write up an offer. That was interesting since we haven't done this in over 25 years. Now we just wait for the counter offer by Wednesday night. Motivated seller? We'll see.

Hoping to get a little more quilting done this week. Want to get it finished before we start travelling for the summer.


Harmony said...

Can't wait to hear what happens with the house!!!
Glad the grandbaby was good for you :) She loves playing with Mimi and Papa!

B Boys Mom said...

You will have to let us know what happens with the house. I can't beleive that the little peanut could be anything but good. She is so sweet.