Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The weekend

This past weekend was amazing! We started out with a glorious Saturday. The weather couldn't have been better. Temp on the cool side (great for working outside) and sun shining. Got a little work done on the quilt waiting for the sun to do it's work outside. Then headed outside and got all of the front shrubs cut down (looking for a place for the new porch to go), hauled out back for burning and then using a "come along" (great tool that the guys know about) pulled the six stumps from in front of the basement part of the house. The others that are in front of the garage portion will just have to wait til the ground thaws out more. They were frozen solid! After sitting out by the fire til that burned down to ashes we went inside and I worked on the quilt some more. It is coming along very nicely.

Sunday brought an overcast day, but we were in the mood for work now. Went out back and downed a white pine that was getting too close to the house. Got that all cut up but the branches from that baby was not going to burn. After a while it was misting pretty heavy so I headed inside (maintenance man found more to do outside) and back to my quilt. The top is completed and now I have to put it together with a backing and the batting. Hopefully I'll have some time this week to get back to it. These things just take time.

All in all though it was a great weekend where we got lots of everything done. I love those kinds of weekends.

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Hailey's Mommy said...

Wow, You guys were busy last weekend. We also need to get on the ball and start the yard work. So much to do and it's still chilly out.