Thursday, October 7, 2010

Winding Down on the Shows

So to bring us up to date.. we caught the Roy Rogers Jr Show yesterday morning. It really brought back memories of our household when my brothers were young and playing cowboys. Roy Jr also told of his family history and how they are trying to keep the memory of Roy alive. We just don't have 'heroes' today like back then. I really enjoyed Roy Rogers Jr son, Dusty. He really looked like his grandpa. They're keeping it in the family ;)

In the evening we were entertained by the Yakov Smirnoff Circus Dinner Show. MM would have prefered the Yakov Smirnoff Show (Not the circus), but there was a little mix up on my part. Anyway, the circus was really cute... no animals except for dogs. Yakov wasn't even in the circus performance other than to narrate from his book about bringing his circus to America. We were curious as to how there was going to be a dinner since we were seated in auditorium seats that did have little writing tables that came up, but....

Yup, a Yak-in-a-box! They passed out glow in the dark boxes that glowed under the black lighting. It was complete with soup, meatballs, potatoes, roll and pudding. Have I had a better meal??? Okay, it was a Yak-in-a-box, what do you expect. Cute but not a "Dining Experience" :) The circus was good and the love story was cute. Like all of the shows here in Branson they really tried to get a lot of audience participation. They had a guy stand in front and one in back holding a string of tape dividing the section of seats and then they started tossing beach balls out to be played as volleyball. A member of the audience was brought on stage and strapped to a wall for a knife throw... they used toilet plungers lol. Lots of silly stuff but it was fun. Enjoyed the show, but next time it will be the Yakov Smirnoff Show, not the circus.

This morning we met friends for breakfast then headed for Branson Landing on the waterfront. When we got there we noticed the Branson Scenic Railway was getting ready to board so we grabbed some tickets and hopped on. The ride is a 40-mile roundtrip excursion thru Ozark foothills and tunnels. You learn the history of the area as you cross bridges and trestles and you experience the luxury of rail travel from yesteryear. So here's the train...

A fellow traveler grabbed our camera and caught us settling in for our ride.

The view from one of the trestle bridges.

I can't remember being on a train before unless you count the one at the zoo. It was a fun experience and I think if I were on a long trip I'd probably just sleep because it is very soothing to be lulled and rocked back and forth.

When we got back to the landing we walked around and did some shopping then sat at one of the sidewalk dining places and enjoyed some ice tea on this beautiful fall day. There was a water and fire display that danced to music. A great way to spend an afternoon.

Later we grabbed a quick bite to eat before our evening entertainment of Spirit of the Dance. I love the energy and excitement of Irish Dancers. This was a fantastic show with lots of singing and dancing. It was so fast paced that it seemed like we just sat down and the show was over!! Love the Spirit of the Dance!!

It's late and I'm ready to call it a night. Just a couple of more shows left, and I can't wait. Sons of the Pioneers and Noah the Musical...


Becki said...

Sounds like my kind of vacation. Touristy stuff is so much fun!
Maggie would have gotten a huge kick out of a glow-in-the-dark box!

B Boys Mom said...

I haven't been on a train in a very long time. Your train ride looks like it was very nice.