Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting Around Branson

We found getting around Branson to be very easy with this great map of the area.

The maps are available everywhere and have all the theaters and attractions noted along the highway. Most of the shows are on 76 (green), the main highway, but then they have highways color coded. Red is the Shepherd Hills Highway, the blue highway is also called Gretna, there is also a yellow highway. There are several roads that connect you from one to another and you can get out of the congestion as easily as taking a side road up to one of the other highways. Lots of hills and curves. Sorry this map isn't color coded, but the ones that they actually distribute are. Even traveling along 76 wasn't difficult. It's a three lane road that gets to top speeds of about 35 mph.. one lane going east, one west and a center lane to make getting onto the highway pretty easy. Big city made easy with common sense maps.

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B Boys Mom said...

I know the computer can do so much but I still love a good map!