Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Branson Shows

Monday we only had one show scheduled. The Platters. They put on a powerful show bringing back some great memories of the '60's. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Only You to name a couple. Just a GREAT show and they had a good diner in the lobby of the Starlite Theater that also brought back memories. Nice show.

We found a really nice BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Park just outside town that we plan on returning to when we have more time to just camp. It's an Army Corp of Engineers park right on Table Rock Lake. Very nice. We love to just drive around new towns checking things out. You find some real gems hiding out there.

Today (Tuesday) we had to move from the ABC (America's Best Campground) to the Coast to Coast park that we scheduled for the second part of the week. Treasure Lake RV Resort is right next to the IMAX theatre in town. Very big park and has everything we need including being right in town!!

Did a little shopping around town before going to the Jim Stafford Show. His biggest hit back in the '70's was I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes. We were a little disappointed that he didn't do all of his old song (kind of like Ricky Nelson not wanting to play the old songs). He did a lot of funny stuff and had his son Shea and Daughter GG doing a few numbers. One of his skits he broke a guitar and had to duct tape it back together lol

What sticks with me right now was at the end he said he had to go home and do some mechanical stuff.... Put a rearend into the recliner lol. Gotta remember that one. We did buy a few of his cd's because our olds ones of his got lost or damaged and MM really likes his stuff.

So here we are back at camp and resting up for a busy tomorrow. Checked out pictures of the girls on the internet.... I really miss them. They are so cute :)

We love talking to other couples that we camp near or sit near at shows. The couple we camped next to at the last camp were from GA and we're trying to find time to have dinner with them sometime in the next few days. The couple we sat next to at the Baldnobber show was from ST Louis MO and today a couple that was celebrating their 50th anniversary were here from Indianapolis IN. What really stands out is that travelling during October, in the middle of the week, is lots of old folks lol. Guess I found my niche. Tomorrow - Roy Rogers Jr and Yakov Circus.


Becki said...

I totally remember that spiders and snakes song...and now it's stuck in my head :)
Glad you're having so much fun!

B Boys Mom said...

Sure sound like you guys are having fun. The shows you have gone to sound like fun. Can't wait to hear about Roy Rogers Jr and the Yakov Circus.

Shannon and Randy said...

Sounds like lots of fun!