Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Day of Shows

We had a busy evening Saturday night. Our first show of the evening was Sons of the Pioneers Chuckwagon Dinner Show . It was a lot like Roy Rogers Jr. which MM really enjoyed. The chuckwagon dinner was good too. We were disappointed that we had to cut out a few minutes early, but good thing we did... there was a lot of traffic that time of night with people going to shows.

Cutting the first show short and running from one theatre to the next we made it to Noah the Musical without a minute to spare. It was a spectacular show depicting the tale of Noah and the Ark from the Bible. With live animals, 3D video effects, animatronics, a huge cast and an amazingly colossal set with a four-story Ark, the Sight and Sound Branson Theatre could be the new standard in Branson shows. Watch Noah and his family build an enormous Ark and fill it with animals, two by two. Featuring a 300-foot wraparound stage, hundreds of live and animatronic animals and a 40-foot-high ark, Noah - the Musical brings the Bible to life on stage in an experience you'll never forget!

After God reveals to the righteous Noah that a flood will extinguish all life on earth, He charges the man to construct an ark massive enough to shelter his family, any other true believers, and pairs of every species of living creature
. This is definitely a MUST SEE when in Branson. I absolutely LOVED Noah the Musical!! The production was a full 360 degree stage. I wasn't sure what that meant... well, I know what it means, but I didn't know what to expect. You were literally sitting in the middle of the ark with cages of animals all around you. There were cast and animals coming in from the back.... AWESOME. If there was one Must See show, this would be it.

So that's our week in Branson 10 shows (Showboat Branson Belle, The Baldknobbers, Fountains of Faith, The Platters, Jim Stafford, Roy Rogers Jr, Yakov Circus, Spirit of the Dance, Sons of the Pioneers and Noah the Musical) and 4 attractions (Zipline, Branson Scenic Train, Branson Landing and Behind the Scenes of Noah the Musical)and now we need a vacation to just rest.. maybe another time. For now we're hitting the road again for a long drive home. Back to work on Tuesday all refreshed and ready to go.

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B Boys Mom said...

Wow you sure had a busy fun week. The shows all sound wonderful. Glad to hear your vacation was so much fun.