Friday, April 3, 2009

Myths About Sex

When you were growing up where did you go for your information? I can remember hearing things on the bus and I was clueless about what they were even talking about. Talk about naive! I wish there had been computers (lol) and websites to answer questions about sex. Wouldn't it be nice to know where babies really came from instead of under the cabbage patch. And all the myths about getting pregnant.. like you can't get pregnant while nursing. My girlfriend could dispute that one. Another girlfriend can attest to the myth that you can't get pregnant on your first time having sex. WRONG!

Growing up in the 60's was totally free and uninhibited, but naive all the same. Thank God the Aids epidemic hadn't started yet. And there must have been a lot of STD's, but I never heard anything about them. Of course, people are much more open about talking about everything these days. There are still always some questions that you just don't want to ask someone face to face. To have had this kind of information while growing up would have been great.

What were your thoughts about sex while growing up? Did your Mom talk with you or did you garner all your information from your sister or friends? And finally, how accurate was the information that you got? I find that I'm still learning lol. Gotta say, some things are fun to learn.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

My mom had a talk with me at one point. I can't remember if she talked about sex or just periods! I hadn't gotten my period yet so I was under 13... I remember she asked an older friend or babysitter of mine to join us thinking that it would make things more comfortable for me. But I don't think it did.

After that, I think I got all my "info" from probably school health class and friends.

Good question! Guess I should learn a lesson and make sure my kids have all the accurate info they could want from me.

Michelle said...

I was lucky as a kid. My mother was straight up about sex. She gave us all the facts. No holding back for her. She was a single mom and felt it was best to be truthful about all aspects of sex. She didn't want to raise anymore babies. She made sure we were prepared for everything. I'm glad she did. I'm sure I'll be the same way with my little one when the time is right. Great post!

B Boys Mom said...

I learned from my friends. I'm sure my boys know more then I did at a way younger age.