Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Great Weekend Planned

I'm having a short day today because we're leaving for camping this weekend at the Maple Syrup Festival In Shepherd. We've gone to this many times in the past and have gotten all kinds of weather from blistering hot days to snowy blustry days. Glad to say that this weekend promises to be nice and sunny. Peanut and Co will be joining us on Saturday and I just love to see these things (carnivals, parades and the like) through the eyes of a child. Hopefully I'll get lots of pictures and have lots to tell next week.


Michelle said...

You picked a perfect weekend to go camping. Warm and sunny. Sounds like so much fun. I hope you guys have a wonderful time.

Vixen said...

That sounds terrific. I love to camp.

B Boys Mom said...

Oh what fun! With lil peanut around what else could it be.