Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fertilize Friday 6/4/10

Well, it's that time again to give all the plants a little special boost. I'm linked in with a wonderful hostess over at Tootsie Time. Check out all the other beautiful gardens, I know I will.

To begin with we were gone from Thursday thru Monday and it was very very hot!! When we got home we then had days of downpours!! Of course my peonies had to bloom while I was gone, but I still got to see them when we got home. This peony gave me two sets of blooms last year so I'm hopeful.

Here's an individual shot of this beautiful plant. Don't know that I'd ever seen a bicolored peony.

The sink is coming along, but really needs a lot more attention being a small container.

This peony is more of a rose color.

This is the first year that this 'buttercup' took off. I got a few plugs from a friend about three years ago. I moved it this year and it's coming up in both spots. I remember her saying it was quite invasive.

This lavender got transplanted last fall from the side of the house to it's new home out here in lots of sun.

The third peony bush. Think I'm going to split my three plants this fall.... any suggestions on how to do this successfully?

The first of many little day lilies. There are tons of buds.

I tied up the Salvia Blue Hills from the heavy rain. Guess I should have tried to hide the twine :(.

I think I bought about 6 of this coreopsis sunfire. They are growing like wildfire - hope then spread out.

Here's a view from the front by the 'garden gate'. I know the clematis will be big some day, but I want it now. The other things are coming along real nice.

Here's a view from the side. The three peonies are plants that really stand out right now.

A larger view of the buttercup with more corepsis behind.

Just have a few roses right now, but they are beautiful.

And this wonderful little trooper amazes me. I transplanted it from the side of the house - it grows about 2 feet high and has a beautiful orange cluster of flowers. When I transplanted it last fall I forgot about it then I went to plant more daisies and this ugly tubor was there... couldn't figure out what it was so I just threw it aside. That night I remembered what it was! I got out there right away in the morning and planted it and started watering and watching... Yep!, it made it. Don't know the name, so for now it's 'the amazing trooper!'.

So that's it for me this week. I love this time of year, because every day brings new surprises. Can't wait to see everyone else's progress.


Ott, A. said...

those peony's look really pretty, expecially the bi-colored ones. I think those are my state's flower. Happy gardening!

Bonnie said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I love that first peony. The colors are wonderful!

Dolly said...

Mmmmm your flowers are beautiful!
I love the scent of peonies!

Yes bleeding hearts are super easy to grow and they self seed easy too!
Try'll love them!

Hugz, Dolly

Sandy said...

Beautiful garden, thanks for sharing and for stopping by.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Your garden is just lovely! Love the two tone peony.

The video about the oil spill is amazing!! I don't have speakers so don't know what they were saying but couldn't believe my eyes when it was gone!!


Theresa said...

Your peonies are especially stunning! Wonderful photos :)

Becki said...

I love the bi-colored peonies!
My day lilies are ready to bloom any minute now!

Self Sagacity said...

Hi Judi, I love looking at all those beautiful flowers. I too, had a couple of incidents where I forget about my plant due to life, and always thankful they survive inspite of my lack of attentiveness.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Everything looks very happy! I really like the coreopsis, might have to look for some, thanks!

teresa said...

Peonies are one of my favorites. They smell so good. Your garden looks lovely. Those are especially pretty peonies with the two colors.

Becca's Dirt said...

What beauties you have. Your peonies are stunning especially the bicolered one. Love your garden art. The gate looks good in the garden. Coreopsis sunfire looks like dianthus. Aren't they the same with different names maybe coreopsis is the given name. Anyway you asked about my zinnias. I have never done seeds indoors for these. I direct sow them and they do come back next year if the winter isn't too harsh.