Friday, June 18, 2010

Fertilize Friday 6/18/10

Things are really starting to pop. Lots blooming and lots more budding up. Be sure to link in with Tootsie Time who is hosting Fertilize Friday today.

The wave petunias are still going strong in the bathroom sink. (edited note) I came home for lunch and this really comes to life mid day. Didn't have time to snap another shot.

Who knew that the deer would attack the neon sedum? Got all the buds from the back of the plant.

I love the color of the sunset coneflowers.

BeeBalm is looking good. Will the deer get the buds off of this before they get a chance to bloom? Hope not. My MM heard that strong smelling soap keeps deer away lol. After the woodchuck or whatever carried off the last soap I'm wondering how successful that will be.

The first few blooms on the moonbeam coreopsis. You can see that it is loaded with buds.

This little beauty is at the side of the house, and avoided detection when I moved everything. Good thing too, because all of the ones that I did move got eaten by the critters.

I love this view that I see every day as I back out of the garage looking back on the side garden.

In the front the Crazy Daisies are opening.

I have to laugh because I'm always saying 'look at all those buds' then a few weeks later it's 'yeah, the deer ate all of the ...'. Anyway, that's my offering for this week's Fertilize Friday. I truly enjoy all the beauty of my yard and working in it is pure pleasure for me.


Wendy said...

Dad says wolf urine will keep away deer (moose). They ate the one thing Dad didn't coat this year - the one thing he didn't think moose ate. Apparently the moose decided to eat the only thing that "smelled" safe even though it wasn't a favorite food.

Darla said...

I would be so ticked at the deer...need to get some of that deer spray stuff...I was told to pinch the tops out of my bee balm for more flowers, I did and man is it loaded. Not the one posted today but another one...

Darla said...

I pinched the tops of mine before the buds were even close to forming. So if you have those tops with the fresh green leaves I'd pinch those....or wait until next year. I also prune mine back after the the first flush of flowers as to get a second go round..

Angel said...

Thanks for stopping by my Garden, the Salvia came mixed in with the Coreopsis, sure made life a little easier ...haha 2 less holes to dig!
Love the Petunias in the bathroom sink with the little church, how cute ~ I too love the Sunset coneflowers, just bought 2 more this year. Everything looks just Wonderful :) Enjoy your weekend ~

Sonia said...

Your flowers are just beautiful! You asked me about hollyhocks, I think they just need heat and sunshine...I only know of two varieties..doubles and singles.
Thanks for your visit!

Miss Bloomers

Dragonfly Treasure said...

What a seeing deer but hate they eat your beauties!
Love the Crazy Daisy!!

Olga said...

Beautiful post. I like the look of petunias in the sink.

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

Ha, yes buttercups are a weed ;) Thanks for your comment. You have beautiful flowers and garden beds. And yes the deer eat this and that, but I guess we have enough wild plants that they don't seem to get at my flowers too much. I do put up mesh around the vegetable beds though just to make sure. I know you can plant deer resistant plants next to your flowers to help too. Good luck!!

Greenearth said...

Love your garden. Enjoyed seeing all your beautiful flowers. Sorry about the deer eating your plants, but how special to live near where deer roam free. Perhaps a good garlic and chili spray would make your plants less palatable.

Sandy@Life Began In A Garden said...

Hello! You've got some beauties there that escaped the deer. I was surprised to have deer in my front yard the other morning, we live in a subdivision. They ate some new growth on a rose near our mail box, that's all.
As for trying to keep them away, I am a hairdresser and we have people come in all the time wanting hair for their garden, saying that keeps deer away. Does it work? I have no idea!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I loovve comments!

Rosie@Journey to Charm said...

I love the sunset coneflowers. I didn't know they came in that color. What the dang deer didn't get looks great.

Paula said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures - Paula in Idaho