Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whew! No Frost Damage

Okay, last Sunday I was getting very anxious to get in the garden (yes it was raining, but just a drizzle) and I planted about 3 dozen perennials. I was real concerned last night when they were calling for a frost/freeze. The temperature this morning at 6:00 a.m. was 30 degrees. I was afraid to go outside... but here you have it... I am truly blessed and my plants survived fine. Here they are.. making great progress, let's take a walk around the yard. Only have a few minutes, but don't want to miss anything.

The tulips in the front are a double petal variety and are beautiful. Notice the couple of blooms on the Magnolia tree.

The color is true red, sunlight just glistening, but look at the pretty petals.

Here at the 'garden gate' we've got Clemaitis starting to climb, Coral Bells (in the lower left), a little Coreopsis Moonbeam (to the left and bottom right) and kind of in the center are some new Coreopsis.

Hope the Hollyhocks come up ... I remember them from when I was growing up.

Some Forget-Me-Nots in white... and a volunteer day lily is starting up behind it.

The Bee Balm is really raring to go. Hope we're in town this year when it blooms.

Don't remember the exact name, but I think it's some kind of Coreopsis. I had good luck with it last year and I'm taking full advantage of it if it wants to grow in my yucky soil.

Look at all the buds on the Peony.

And the Peony bushes are really bushy.

The Scottish Bluebell caught my eye. Can't see the blue too much, but they are really pretty.

The Sedum I planted last year did well.... time to get another :)

And another Clemaitis that still needs to be planted in the tire. Need to get something for it to climb on too.

This is a cool birdhouse I found last weekend at a craft bazaar. Can you believe only $10.00!! The guy that makes them said that he sells them to boutiques in Travis City and Petosky and they sell them for $39 - $59! For $10.00 I got two lol

Another view. It even has a nice finish that can withstand the elements.

And look what we spotted on the Trumpet Vine wall.... a robin's bird nest.

This picture shows (not too clearly) that there are three eggs. I was balancing on a chair that shouldn't be stood on and holding the camera over my head lol. Hope no squirrels get them. We'll all have to try to stand guard.

So there you have it, one of my favorite times of year coming to life. Tomorrow the mulch will be delivered and my weekend is full of 'fun' exercise.


inday_adin said...

Your yard looks interesting with all the plants and flowers you have. I am excited about my garden as well. I also have tons of Sedum in my yard and I love that they are perennial. Can't wait to buy me some Peonies though. I saw it at my mom-in-law's house and I fell in love with it. I gotta have some in our yard. :) Happy Gardening.

B Boys Mom said...

Your yard looks wonderful! All your plants look so healthy. I love you new little bird house too.

Maureen said...

It's hard at this time of year to predict whether to plant out or not. We're chomping at the bit to put them out but the weather...oh the weather can be very fickle!

Your peonies look awesome as does your Beebalm. I've not had great luck with it.

That nest and eggs are so cool. Robin will nest just about anywhere!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love your porch and yard. That birdhouse is cool. I hope your eggs from the trumpet vine nest hatch out. I wish I had a good spot for a trumpet vine. There was one growing over a dog run at the first house we bought before we had kids.

This is my favorite time of the year, too.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Love the tulips and the bird house! So glad the frost didn't hurt anything.

Maureen said...

You commented on my blog about the Magnolia establishing roots. That could be the reason but I have also observed that the specific location really makes a difference. I noticed Azaleas in other parts of my town in full bloom weeks ago. I have one that is in full bloom (sunny location) now and others that are just budding (less sunny location).