Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lots of Budding Going On

I've been anxiously awaiting Spring so I can get outside and get dirty. Still isn't time to plant, but things are coming up. One of the local nurseries had small perennial plants on sale for $.99 and I really took advantage of that. The only bad thing is that they are not hardened off so I've been taking them in and out of the garage for the last week and plan on doing it for at least another week.

(Why is it that I took the picture 'landscape' and it showed up 'portrait' I turned and saved it 'landscape' and I can only get it on here 'portrait'?)

The two tall thingies are Clematis to climb on my new garden gate. I also had good luck with this type of sedem last year so I got another one.

We were watching Magnolia trees all over the city blooming like crazy and this is our first bud. There are a few on there and I'm very happy to see them. We just planted the tree last Spring so it's really working on just adjusting to the new space.

We planted lots of Daffodils and Tulips last Fall and they look beautiful. There could be more to make a statement, but it's a start. Do these multiply?

The Beebalm is looking very healthy. Hope we're home this Summer when it blooms, we've missed it the last few years.

All three Peonies are looking good and growing with a purpose.... blooming!

MM attached this birdhouse to this sink and anchored it to this stump last year. This year it will house a beautiful flowing plant. Pretty setting for a plant isn't it?

This is the Neon Sedum that I planted last Fall. When I saw how well it was coming up I decided to get another one. It obviously likes my backyard.

And last but not least are the beautiful Hostas. Yep, the deer or rabbits have already started nibbling on them, but we got out the repel stuff and hopefully have halted the little buggers.

I just love this time of year to see all the little pretties and signs of 'new life'. One of the best things about Michigan - the changing of the seasons. It is so pronounced and we anxiously await each one.


Becca's Dirt said...

Great post. I enjoyed the walk around your place. You have a lot going on there. I can't wait to see the sink filled in with some pretties. Have a good day.

B Boys Mom said...

Your plants look wonderful. Isn't gardening just so relaxing. I'm looking forward to planting mine plants I bought too.

Raesmom said...

Your yard is so pretty. I love the tire planter. We have a bunch or red soil here so it's next to impossible to plant anything, so I'm always looking for container ideas. Pots are so boring.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Beautiful! Sounds very therapeutic to do all that gardening. :-)

Karen said...

All your plants look so healthy. You are going to enjoy them especially in a few weeks. What does hardening mean? I don't think tulips bulbs multiply. I sure wish they did.

inday_adin said...

Looks like you have an interesting yard! Lots of plants and trees. I love it! I too can't wait to see all my plants and flowers blooming and all the hard work has paid off!

Visiting you again and this is my new blog by the way! Hope to see you there!

Adin B


Wendy said...

I don't know about the daffodils... but tulips for us won't multiply without a lot of feeding and work... you could try irises... they multiply.

Becki said...

Looks nice! Hopefully we'll be out to the house within a few weeks to see it all :)