Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Update

Easter this year was a ton of fun. Peanut really gets what she's supposed to do and Muffin had fun gnawing on a plastic egg. Snagged a few of these pictures from my son's facebook and don't know why they are different sizes. He has a really terrific camera.

The girls on the porch....they aren't really into sitting for a picture.

Muffin loves exploring the outside and looking for eggs... or maybe just chewing on the plastic egg.

Peanut totally got into finding eggs this year.. think she knows there's something inside.

And daffodils are definitely a sign that Spring is here. Do these bulbs multiply? Hope so.

MM spent the better part of two days last week making this really cool horse out of a tire for Peanut to take home. Now he has to find another 'non-steel belted' tire to make another one. Although it's not easy to make, it's even harder finding the right kind of tire.

So that's it for here. How did you spend your Easter?


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Looks like a magical day! Don't you have another grandbaby about to make an appearance???

We were all sick for Easter. So we stayed in jammies all day just hanging out around the house. I think I napped when the kids napped! No energy for an egg hunt. They'll enjoy it more next year anyway.

We did go to a community event Friday. The kids actually seemed to watch and enjoy a magic show. And we bounced in the bounce house!

Happy Easter!

Becki said...

Easter was great - thanks! We've got the new tire swing up. Unfortunately it's been raining, but Maggie likes to look out the window and make sure it's still there :)

Vixen said...

That tire horse is all kinds of awesome. I am setting Mr. Vixen on task right now to copy it for the backyard! Just look at the joy on that face!

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. I might have to go rent the Alvin movie for the girls to watch tomorrow while we are at the hospital. They haven't seen it yet, so its perfect timing.

B Boys Mom said...

The girls are just tooooo cute! I love peanuts face on her new tire swing. She looks like she loves it.