Friday, December 11, 2009

Teaching Aids

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine.

When your child is having trouble in school you just want to help so much. I remember wanting to get scholastic education materials for my children to give them a helping hand. School is only open so many hours and you can only put so much into those few hours. Everything we can do at home to help support and reinforce the process I am more than willing to do.

I especially liked to work with my kids over the summer break. I would sign up for a program that would send papers to be filled out every week and we would take them camping with us or wherever we were going. The kids liked having a little structure in their day and filled them out right away and awaited the next one. There was a lot of encouragement and praise for doing a job well. We did this program with both kids in both reading and math. When all the papers were completed and returned fulfilling the summer program they got a certificate of completion and a couple of reward. I remember a frisbee as one gift.

Both my kids were good in school, but I still felt the need to reinforce what they had learned. I can't imagine having a child with a learning disablity. All the hours of at home work to just keep them from slipping backward. I'm sure an intervention of this kind would be most helpful from folks that know how all children learn. And we know that children have different learning methods.

Do you spend a lot of time after school helping your kids with their homework? I hear from family members that their kids have hours every night. Then other kids have no problem and seem to do the homework on the bus. Wonder what makes some kids learn more easily? Solve that question and we'd have a lot more peaceful evenings.

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