Friday, December 18, 2009

Long Lost by Harlan Coben

Dan Brown calls Harlan Coben “the modern master of the hook-and-twist—luring you in on the first page...only to shock you on the last." But there are plenty of shocks all through Long Lost, as Coben brings celebrity agent Myron Bolitar face-to-face with a love from his past, who may or may not have blood on her hands. Myron is pleased to see he‘s getting better at his sideline in sleuthing after he deduces, correctly, that his urgent summons to Paris at the behest of an old lover isn’t about rekindling their flame. But he didn’t expect to find Terese Collins the main suspect in a gruesome murder, the victim being her ex-husband. Terese swears she’s innocent, regaling Myron with the story of her marriage, assuring him it was good until the sad breakup she didn’t want, and never saw coming. But does he believe her, especially the part about not having heard from her ex until the phone call that brought her to Paris…and put her at the scene of the crime? Myron isn’t sure. And when a startling piece of evidence surfaces, baring Terese’s long-buried family secrets, Myron must seek answers that will take him where he’s never gone before, in a foreign country where nothing is as it seems.…

I've read a lot of Harlan Coben and enjoyed them a lot, but when I started this I was wondering if I'd read it before. I guess it was just a lot of the same characters and similar scenes. I had not read it. I really like his character 'Win', he is 'superman' in every sense of the word. I would recommend this book if you like mystery, suspense, and action.

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