Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8th Day of Christmas

Of course, once we buy ourselves the wii then we'll have to get a wii fit to go with it.

Now this I've heard tons about. One of the gals from work has it and says she gets a better workout from this than her workout from the gym that she belongs to. And she saves a ton of time by not having to drive a half hour each way. Can't wait for Christmas morning lol.


B Boys Mom said...

I'm sure you would have a ton of fun on one of these. I need to add one of these to my list too.

Becki said...

Like peanut butter and jelly - can't have one without the other!

Shannon M. Smith said...

I used to get on ours when I was pregnant with Olivia and it used to tell me I had major center of gravity issues. LOL. There wasn't an "I'm pregnant" option!