Friday, October 16, 2009


With all these post of book reviews it looks like I'm doing a lot of reading. Actually I did all the reading in August when we went to the UP for a couple of weeks. I just positioned all the book reviews with a little time between them not knowing that I wouldn't get the time to do a regular post in between. Ah, the best laid plans lol.

Last weekend we went to Pymatuning Lake which is on the border between northern Ohio and PA. It was a beautiful weekend. There were two festivals going on in different local areas. We went to the Pumpkin Festival on Saturday at Conneaut Lake. They have a large amusement park on the lake, a midway with carnival rides and games, a band stand that had a dj and a perfectly sunny day. I reminded me a lot of when I was a teenager and went to Walled Lake Amusement Park or Edgewood Amusement Park. Just a great laid back kind of day.

Sunday we went to the Covered Bridge Festival in Ashtabula County. At the fairgrounds they had all the carnival rides and games again and in the animal barns they had crafts for sale. I love going through that kind of thing and usually don't make the time to do it. We bought a really cool 'tin man' made out of tin cans.

When we left the fairgrounds we went on a 67 mile tour of the countryside viewing 11 covered bridges. At most of the bridge sites they had little festivals going on selling hot dogs or chili, stuff like that to raise funds for different charities.

I didn't note which bridge is the top one, but you can see some of the color that I think was peak. The color was just amazing. This second bridge is the Root Road Covered Bridge. It's 114 ft town lattice built in 1868. Root Road crosses the Ashtabula River. The bridge was raised 18 inches during the rehabilitation in 1982-83 and new laminated girders and a center concrete pier were added.

While downloading these pictures I found a couple of my girls. The first is of Muffin in August or September. Does she not have the bluest eyes? She is always so interested or concerned looking. Just puts a smile on your face.

One weekend in September we watched Peanut for an evening. We took her to a local restaurant that has a mini train running around the top - she loved it. Then we went to the Mill Pond and watched the ducks. She wore herself out running on the boardwalk and feeding the ducks. Her and Papa finally sat down for a few seconds to just watch them.

That kind of brings things up to date, in a way, we had a lot of family in town last week from TX, CA and IN. Like I said, it's been busy. Get to see my girls this weekend as we go camping at a local park for their Halloween trick or treat event. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun.


B Boys Mom said...

I made those tin men one year they really are cute for the garden. Love the covered bridges. Remember that book what was it The bridges of Madison county??? Both the girls are as cute as always.

Tootsie said...

I love covered bridges...I wish there were a bunch here to visit

Lynne said...

Oh! I love all those covered bridges! And, that tin man is so cute!

Becki said...

The tin man is cool! And those are some super blue eyes :)
I hadn't seen that one of my baby with Papa - very sweet :)

Shannon said...

Where are you going to put the tin man? Super cute. Olivia's pic is from Maggie's 2nd birthday. Cute pic of Maggie with Papa!

siteseer said...

The tin man is hanging on the front porch. That way he'll be a little protected from the weather