Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Narrows by Michael Connelly

FBI agent Rachel Walling finally gets the call she's dreaded for years: the one that tells her the Poet has returned. Years earlier she worked on the famous case tracking down the serial killer who wove lines of poetry into his hideous crimes. Rachel has never forgotten the killer who called himself the Poet — and apparently he has not forgotten her.

Harry Bosch gets a call, too. The former LAPD detective hears from an old friend whose husband recently died. The death appeared natural, but this man's ties to the hunt for the Poet make Harry dig deep — and lead him into a terrifying and unknown world.

So begins the most deeply compelling, frightening, and masterful novel Michael Connelly has ever written. The Narrows places Harry Bosch in league with Rachel Walling, at odds with the FBI, and squarely in the path of the most ruthless and ingenious murderer in Los Angeles's history. What follows is a taut and tantalizing mystery that has Harry Bosch racing from the hostile vistas of the Nevada desert to the glittering Las Vegas Strip to the dark corners of Los Angeles.

Through it all, Bosch works at his newfound life as father to a young daughter, balancing the deepest love he has ever felt with his own sense of mission and his deep awareness of evil.

A lot of twists and turns keep you reading to see what's next. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a murder mystery. Good read.


Becki said...

This was a good read - thanks for the review :)

B Boys Mom said...

Love twists and turns. Sound like another good read.

Michelle said...

I love murder mysteries. Looks like a great book. I've been ready Tessa Garretson lately. I just love her books.

Brad said...

Hi Judi!

Saw you over at More Than Sew So and thought, "She sounds like a like-minded person."

Although, I don't take much time for fiction reading, your review of this book makes it sound pretty intriguing.

I'll plan to get over and see you here more!

siteseer said...

Hi Brad
I agree we do sound like we're on the same track. Do you think this runaway train can be stopped?