Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekend Plans?

Have any weekend plans? I've got a Clairol party at my daughters tomorrow. Not sure what we do, but I always have fun with her and her friends. On Sunday we've planned our first cookout. All the family is coming out and it looks like the weather just might cooperate. NOT like last weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little yard work in too. MM has been doing sooooo much and I feel bad because he doesn't like to do it and I do. Why? He's retired and I work full time. I'll let you know next week what actually gets done. Have a great one!


B Boys Mom said...

I'm sure everything will get done and look beautiful. Enjoy your family.

Harmony said...

Can't wait!! We always have a good time with you!
The party tomorrow is up to seven people!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun party. Hope you had fun. We cooked out this weekend for the first time this year too. It was sunny but a little chilly. We didn't get much yard work done though. Maybe next weekend.