Friday, May 8, 2009

Air Conditioning

I don't know about you, but I sure hope the air conditioner works this year. The mold, grass and pollen allergens are so high that we need a little relief. I remember the years before we got air conditioning and it was rough. A good company like Charlotte HVAC installed it for us and ever since then it's been peaceful sleeping. Did I mention that we live next to the railroad track and the noise alone would keep us awake if we had the windows open. I've noticed that the house stays a lot cleaner too with air conditioning because we don't have to have the windows open to cool us off. It's also easier to work around the house when I'm not melting into a puddle, which is what I do when I get too hot.

I remember our last house had a small room air conditioner so we got to sleep in comfort, but it was often hot in the kids rooms. During the day we would spend a lot of time in the pool to ward off the heat and that worked just fine with the kids. But now, working all day, I want to come home to a comfortable house without any extra work. So for me the basic relief of air conditioning are: 1. No allergens (the cottenwoods are about to do their thing in our neighborhood); 2. Cooler house; 3. Less dirt (I'm still amazed at the amount of dust that comes in with the windows open) and finally 4. It's a lot quieter. Let's hear it for air conditioning!!


Michelle said...

Gosh, how I wish we had central air. Maybe someday. We only have a little window air conditioner. Thanks for the great info.

B Boys Mom said...

I look so forward to opening the window's but all that bad stuff comes in. A good air conditioner really helps.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Amen. We got central air last spring when I was anticipating being 7 months pregnant with twins in the middle of the summer! It's been a dream ever since. (Yes, even San Diego gets into the 90's sometimes...) And in the winter it gets down to the 50's at night so we got central heat too.

I hope yours works this summer!