Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 28th Setting up & Breaking Camp

Wednesday – May 28th – As I was watching my Maintenance Man break camp today I decided to write down all of the processes for setting up camp and breaking camp. Since I am more of a visual person, maybe I’ll remember how to do it. Actually, by the time we finish this trip I probably will know. Usually we just go for weekends and by the time I learn something we go home then when we go out again I’ve forgotten how to do it. So maybe it’ll help me remember and maybe I can make a checklist out of it. Hope it’s interesting.
1. Put away awnings , chairs, grill, etc. Lower antenna.
2. Inside, clear area for slides to come in; pull slides in.
3. If hooked to sewer dump black then gray water. (wash hands – very important) If not hooked to sewer then you have to find a dump to do this process.
4. Unhook water and put hose away.
5. Unplug electric and put cord away.
6. Turn ignition key on and turn on jacks.

7. Retract back jacks first, when you feel the tires rest on the ground retract “all”
8. Pull jack pads out and brush off before storing.
9. Turn jacks ‘off’
10. Start engine and wait for air bags to fill.
11. Check site for anything left behind.
12. Hook up car and ‘brake buddy’.
13. Don’t forget your sign

1. Unhook car – be sure to remove “I go where I’m toad” sign
2. Find a relatively level site that’s long enough and clear enough for slides and awning.
3. I usually stand at the rear driver side and MM just tucks it into the site.
4. Put slides out (I push the buttons on MM’s command –knock)
5. Put jack pads under jacks
6. Dump air bags

7. Lower jacks – front first then back.
8. Plug in electric being sure braker is off – once plugged in turn on.
9. If water available – hook hose up. If water is not available be sure to fill tanks before parking.
10. If sewer available- hook sewer hose up
11. Pull out awning and set up chairs.
Set up usually takes no more than 10 minutes. Breaking camp takes a little longer because you slowly get out more things that have to be put away all at once.
DISCLAIMER - A lot of campers do things in a different order. I guess you find what works for you and stick with it. Occasionally we do things differently if that works better in that instance.


Harmony said...

I'm impressed - that's a very comprehensive list!! When I'm along, there's only one thing on my list: stay out of the way ;) hahaha

B Boys Mom said...

Where did you get that sign? Wow that is alot to remember. I'm sure you will get home and feel like you should do all this to the house. You know after doing it so many times on your trip.

Michelle said...

We use to go camping a lot when we were kids. I could never remember all the steps for set up or break down either. Thanks to my dad. He always had those jobs. I'm glad it wasn't me.