Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunny and Warm in Georgia!!

On the 11th of March we headed to an FMCA Rally in Perry Georgia. While at the rally I made a cool sock monkey...

We made friends with the people on either side of us. Toni is an rv technician and had lots of tips on repairs and such. The other side was Ginny and Jim. Real nice couple we had a lot in common with. We also had dinner one night with a couple we'd met last fall in Branson MO.

The weather was gorgeous except for rain on Tuesday. We did lots of cruising around on the motorcycle and just plain enjoying the sunny warm weather. On Monday we also did a little side trip with Ginny and Jim. There was a tour to a quilt shop in another town and it was a little pricey so we just went on our own. It was further that we'd expected, but we found it relatively easy to find. They had lots of cool ideas and sweet fabrics. I held back and just bought a few fabrics and patterns. We also went to the new aquarium at the Agricenter. Everything was new and beautiful and right there on the fairgrounds.

The best entertainment was the last night we were there (Thursday). It was Jeanne Robertson. I had seen some of her youtube videos before so I was really looking forward to the show. She did not disappoint. I laughed for the whole show.

When we left there on Friday we headed to Stone Mountain GA where we had another 4 nights reserved. Again, the weather was great and we did a lot of motorcycling. The hills are enormous and we didn't even get the bicycles out of the car. On Sunday we climbed Stone Mountain and made it to the top.

Some of the grade was 20% and that is pretty steep. There was a handrail at that point. The rest of it you just walked up the sheer rock. I think it's about a mile long and 823 feet high. The other side of the mountain has a sky lift for those that want to see the top but can't or don't want to climb. Going up we stopped 5 or 6 times for me to catch my breath... MM didn't need to, but he was glad I stopped :). On the way down it was all knees and ankles. Pretty easy, but you wanted to pay attention so you didn't turn your ankle.

Today we rode the motorcycle around a little and went to see a video on the carving on the side of the mountian.

Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis. The carving began with the carver that did Mt Rushmore and was halted when he went out west and for the Civil War and WWII. Having seen Mt Rushmore I have to say this is much smaller, but then again the mountain is too. We also hiked around Venable Lake... nice hike and the weather was perfect. Not too hot and not buggy either. Lots of turtles sunning themselves. Stone Mountain Park is Georgia's #1 attraction and has literally miles of hiking trails and that many people using them too.

We're heading to another park in Georgia tomorrow morning and plan on staying there for 4 days too. Hopefully the weather will hold out for us. I had a few more pictures to upload, but the service is exceptionally slow and there's stuff to do outside :).


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your trip!

Tammy said...

Sound like you guys are having fun. The weather here is cold. So stay on vacation.