Friday, March 11, 2011

Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah

When Mikaela Campbell, beloved wife and mother, falls into a coma, it is up to her husband, Liam, to hold the family together and care for their grieving, frightened children. Doctors tell him not to expect a recovery, but he believes that love can accomplish what medical science cannot. Daily he sits at her bedside, telling her stories of the precious life they have built together, hoping against hope that she will wake up. But then he discovers evidence of his wife’s secret past: a hidden first marriage to movie star Julian True.

Desperate to bring Mikaela back at any cost, Liam knows he must turn to Julian for help. But will that choice cost Liam his wife, his family, and everything he holds dear? One of Kristin Hannah’s most moving novels, Angel Falls is a poignant and unforgettable portrait of marriage and commitment, of an ordinary man who dares to risk everything in the name of love.

Another really good read by Kristin Hannah. She really made you think. We all have pasts. What would happen if you woke up one day and 15 years had been forgotten and you were back in your memory to 15 years ago? I shudder to think. Kristin really goes into every family member's emotions and thoughts. We grow every day... 15 years!!


Tammy said...

This was a good book.

Becki said...

I just checked this book out of the library yesterday! Glad to hear it'll be good :)