Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Project

Back in the early '90's I started making these little counted cross stitch stockings. Back then I hung them on the stairway going downstairs. Now that we have 5 more of them I wanted to more prominently display them. Last year I hung them on the white scarf on the mantle. They just didn't show up. I had an idea of putting them on a tree and the idea just grew. MM made a wire frame out of metal hangers and I just covered the frame with green christmas fabric and viola. A beautiful place to display our little family of stockings.

On Thanksgiving we decorated some little santa cookies I'd bought from Target. Peanut just wanted to eat them lol. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be... the frosting was a little too stiff, but because it was in little plastic bags that you just cut the tip off of it couldn't be fixed. We had fun though and that was the main idea. Didn't they turn out lovely?

There was a fourth cookie that used up the rest of the frosting.... it turned out black lol There wasn't any more white and when you put all the other colors together you get.... black lol.

Three generations of bakers :)


B Boys Mom said...

I love the picture of you 3 with your cookies. I think Maggie just want to eat her's. They look great maybe you should become bakers.

Becki said...

It was a great thanksgiving - thanks!
And I love the picture of all three of us with our cookies :)