Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fertilize Friday (5/26/10 maybe not Friday)

I'm going to be gone on Friday, but wanted to document my garden progress for the record. I was amazed at how much stuff had grown in just 6 days.... 6 hot days! When you're done looking at all my progress pop over to our wonderful hostess at Tootsie Time, she has the most amazing flowers and she grows all of them from seed or clippings in her own greenhouse!!

First off lets look at the new blooms. Check out the beautiful Clemaitis.

The Salvia Blue Hills has some blooms, but I expect a lot more.

A lot more irises are open. When I got them from my Mom years ago they were all this color... kind of purply brown.

Forgot that I had planted some of my extra irises in with these daylilies around the well head.

Trumpet Vine


Need to find a way to stand in the same spot :) The Moonbeam Coreopsis really looks a lot bigger this week.

I didn't know anything could grow as fast as this pumpkin!

I'm hoping to get a pumpkin this big. This is Muffin in 2009

And here we have Peanut in 2007.

Muffin is having a new little sister in July, so we need a big pumpkin to get a similar shot with Punkin.

I was explaining last week about the azaelas. One got split in half by a fallen tree, one is doing great and the final one is just struggling.

I think 'we' need to cut down another tree so that this one will get more sunlight.

We have a hosta bed in the front yard that is coming along slowly since it is so shaded. Peanut and I go 'fishing' out here when she's over. We take a stick and 'stab' dried out old leaves with it.... fishing! She loves it and when asked if she's ever gone fishing she says 'yes'... this is the only 'fishing' she's ever done!

If you look at the hostas in this shot you can see that I lost the battle with the critters later in the fall of 2009.

My son sent me some pictures this week. He's landscaping his backyard around a gorgeous new patio. You gotta love this picture of Muffin in the jungle ;) There wasn't room in that vehicle for another twig!

Lots more going on, but this is getting pretty lengthy. Can't wait to see all the pretties in your gardens.


Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful azaleas. Love those iris's. Pretty color.

B Boys Mom said...

They all look so beautiful you really have a green thumb.

Becki said...

Hahahaha...gorgeous clemaitis picture!
And I love the shot of Muffin in the jungle :)