Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So this past weekend I finally made it to the Franklin Planner store in Novi. I got the monthly pages that I needed to begin in July (come summer I am way to busy). I decided to look around to see what other cool stuff they had since I don’t make it to this store often. They had some really interesting pages to chart your progress with your workouts – got those, and menu planning pages – those looked interesting – in the basket they went. Oh yeah, I bought some other things that I ‘needed’ as well. What’s so funny is that I need the stuff so much that I can’t even put together a couple of minutes to set it up and use it – the bag is still in my purse. And let me tell you it’s getting pretty heavy. Do you think I can count carrying my purse around as a workout? But I have the stuff to set up if I ever get the time lol. What’s really funny is that I know I am no different that most of my friends. I just have the need to own the stuff. Now that I’ve written this out I am definitely going to do this first thing tomorrow. Yeah, I say that a lot too. Sometimes I listen to myself and do it, sometimes not. I’ll get back to you on that.

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B Boys Mom said...

I think we all do this sometimes. I know I do.