Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Construction Project

I feel kind of like I do nothing - when I keep showing the projects MM is doing lol. Anyway, our paint the living room project was delayed by the new closet/pantry and now cleaning up the bulletin board area of the kitchen. It was really hard to find a picture of this bulletin board because it always looked so bad that I was careful not to get it in any pictures. The before phone wall.

Maintenance Man built a custom cupboard to house the phone, calendar and other related items. After - of course we are still waiting for warmer weather to do the staining.

Is he handy or what? I just love the work he does. He has such an eye for detail and thinks of things along the way that we'll need. There is a funny story to go along with this though. Yesterday as he was finishing up mounting the phone in the new space there was a knock on the door. He opened the door to a County Sheriff wanting to know who called 911. He says "no one". The officer says "well, someone called 911 TWICE". The light goes on in MM's head and he says "oh, come on in and I'll show you what must have happened". So he must have dialed 911 and ??? maybe hit redial. Don't know about your husbands, but mine doesn't answer the phone during the day either. So when 911 was calling back to see what the problem was he didn't answer!! Anyway, everything worked out fine. Just have to remember that he is great with home projects even if he isn't with the phone lol.

Next project... putting a shelf around the top of the dining room.


Harmony said...

Too funny! The cabinet looks GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

wow it looks great! Shannon

B Boys Mom said...

Wow that looks great! He really does great work. You are very lucky.

Bella Casa said...

I totally LOVE that! What a great idea! You should submit that to that Tips Junkie blog :)

Thank you for the nice compliment you left on my blog for my son's room! It really is not hard to pull a room together if you look at a site like HGTV's Rate My Space. You can get so many ideas there and just copy what they do.

Thanks again, that was really sweet!