Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deeper Than The Dead by Tami Hoag

When three children stumble on a shallow grave in 1984, an idyllic California community is rocked to its core. The victim is a young woman, her eyes and lips sealed closed, a blind and silent witness to an unspeakable crime. The third victim in two years’ time, it’s clear that a serial killer has come calling.

As a member of the FBI’s fledgling criminal profiling unit, Special Agent Tony Mendez knows serial killers. It quickly becomes apparent that the See-No-Evil killer is no ordinary psychopath. The profile paints a portrait of a man easily trusted, well respected, and intelligent—a man no one would suspect.

Dr. Peter Crane fits the bill. A pillar of the community, he volunteers at a center for disadvantaged women—a center the victims had all attended. Crane is also a beloved husband and father to a ten-year-old son, Tommy, who was one of the three children to discover the grave. Needing insight into Peter Crane’s world, Mendez asks Anne Navarre, Tommy’s fifth-grade teacher, to find out what she can. It’s a request Anne finds both intriguing and unethical—much like Mendez himself.

Then a new victim leads to a different suspect—a man whose son was another of the three children to find the grave but a man whose position in the community is also above reproach, a sheriff’s deputy. As the connections between the two families become increasingly tangled, it seems clear that one of these children holds the key to a serial killer’s double life . . . and a revelation of evil so dark, so deep, no one may survive.

I was grabbing every spare moment to finish this book!! I'd be so tired my eyes were drifting closed on me over and over, but I just couldn't put the book down. Very good book that lead you in many different directions. Can you imagine being held by a psychopath that stops his victims cold by making them deaf blind and mute. Unthinkable horror is all I can think of... You won't want to read this book while home alone.


Becca's Dirt said...

You've me all worked up and want to know what happens. And then you say 'don't read it at home alone'. Unfortunately I do get spooked from some books so I guess this one isn't for me, but- It sounds like a good read and will look for this one. Thanks for review.

Becki said...

Sounds good!!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I'll have to be on the lookout for that one. Every now and then, I need a good Criminal Minds sort-of story in print.

overthetopaprons said...

thanks for the review, and also, thanks for stopping by my blog.