Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Car Seat Ponchos

I've recently learned that children are safer in their car seats if they don't have on a fluffy winter coat. Evidently, the tighter the seat is on the child the safer it is for them. My friend at work bought her son one last year to the tune of $50.00. When my son mentioned that they were probably going to buy one I got motivated and made a couple for my granddaughters. I just googled it and went from there. No pattern was required and they were really quick and easy.

These two ponchos are practically identical. The color is more of a rose pink.

I used the same amount of fabric (42" squared) for both the infant and toddler car seats. Lil Peanut loves to wear it and twirl around. They are definitely cozy warm and it's easy to either cover their heads while you buckle them in or just work under the poncho. The ones I made happen to be two layers because the pretty kitty fabric didn't feel thick enough so I bought the same amount of a solid pink and made it reversible. I also figured out a little hat... don't know if they'll actually wear them, but I had the fabric. Some of the directions I found also had mittens made of the fleece that looked real simple.

Isn't the internet amazing?!


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

YOU'RE amazing! Very nice!

Shannon M. Smith said...

We love the poncho soooo much! It's really easy to put on after she is in the carseat too. It works out so well.

Becki said...

They are so soft and fuzzy! Maggie likes talking to the cat in the pattern too ;)