Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update

You know how I've had a quest lately to get a cute photo of the two girls together. Well, I got a few this weekend. This first one looks like they're both looking for direction. "Where do you want us to look?"

I thought this was really sweet with Peanut kissing lil Muffin. She was kissing her a lot, but it's just really hard to capture it on film.

Muffin is changing so much. Just in the one week between visits I was amazed at how much more animated she's gotten. Adorable.

Peanut was running around giving everyone kisses and hugs. This is her with her Mom.

Then we had the girls gang up on Papa. He was entertaining Muffin for quite a while. Peanut was off in a minute to explore more new toys.

So that's it for pictures. Saturday I spent the morning with my Mom and took her out to lunch after a test she had to have. Then in the afternoon went to my Son and DIL's for my birthday celebration. Sunday we did a lot of running then took a nice bike ride on one of those rails to trails. It was the perfect day. Did a little yard work when we got home and laundry. Weekends don't get much better than that. Hope you have a great week.


Michelle said...

Gosh, they do change quick. Don't they? There so sweet Judi. The girls really seem to love each other. Soooo... adorable. Glad you had a nice birthday weekend.


Becki said...

What a fun weekend :) And fabulous pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

Lynne said...

Oh how cute they both are! I absolutely love the little one's hair!

April said...

Awwwww how sweet... I love the spiky hair do!

I miss mine being little :( My daughter Sam has gone into abnoxious teen mode and she is only 11 :P

B Boys Mom said...

Aw what great pictures. Muffin is getting so big and Peanut is as cute as every. What fun little ones add to a family. :)