Friday, March 28, 2008

Still learning

Snow's still on the ground so no traveling yet. Rolling home stays dry in the barn.

My indoor activities of late have been quilting. Here's one of the quilts that I helped a friend make for her sons. She did the tracing, cutting and ironing. I did the sewing.

Below is the pillow my daughter-in-law made. She wanted to learn one afternoon and she made the whole thing by herself. I just showed her how. Didn't she do a great job?

Here's the new space I set up for my quilting that doesn't have to be put away at dinner time. Pretty cool huh?

Anyway, I've now learned how to add photos to the text, sort of. I'm looking forward to finishing the quilt I'm working on now before the nice weather comes along and takes me outside.

While looking through pictures look who I found

Mimi's little peanut. Don't you just love little girls in their Easter dresses? And her smile never ends. Her rents try to tell me differently, but they haven't convinced me yet.


Harmony said...

Awww...I love that picture of Maggie!!

B Boys Mom said...

Awww...I love that picture of the fish quilt!!!! Ha Ha and of course Maggie too.